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Our daughter has really enjoyed having Nayely as a teacher and we see how much she has learned from her. Our daughters English has really improved since she moved to the kindergarten group and I think it is greatly thanks to Nayely and the fun and creative way she has taught the kids English! Our daughter, for example, learned the small letters from Nayely last autumn when she taught the kids the “Letterland letters” and thanks to this our daughter can now read in Swedish and German (she also knows how the letters sound in English and is sometimes trying to read/write in English as well). 


Carolina & Oliver

Our son has known Nayely since pre-kindergarten. He loves Nayely’s teaching method which is playful and fun, and at the same time focusing on practical and experimental aspects with an aim to learn English with joy and ease. In fact we liked Nayely’s approach so much that we asked her to continue teaching our son English together with other kids after he finished kindergarten. Our son has now had English lessons with Nayely once a week for the past [four] years and he has improved a lot academically and socially next to the language progress! We are very pleased to recommend her without reservation, for any position requiring teaching with children, initiative and dedication.

Van & Francesco

"I would love to [recommend] Nayely. She teaches the children a lot (English, songs but especially interpersonal behavior) and takes the children very seriously and addresses their problems and always has an open ear. She also inspires the little ones and always shows a lot of sensitivity and heart. ”



"Nayely has a very pleasant, warm and respectful manner with both the children and the parents. With the children she is consistent, strict but in a very nice way. The children love and respect her. She observes each child very well and gives additional, detailed information/comments to the parents, which are very much appreciated by us. The responsiveness to each child with their strengths and weaknesses is incredibly positive."


"...the constant attention, the loving yet respectful interaction, the close observation and yet reserved monitoring of development and learning progress, the consistently high quality of teaching and preparation and follow-up, but also the always committed and yet humorous feedback on the course of the day."

Albert & Isabelle

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