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Playing is Learning

The meaning of Nayely is 'I love you'. A lesson with me and children will quickly grow fond of 'I <3 u Phonics'!

Teaching is Fun
Love Teaching

Education has always been my passion!

After receiving a Bachelor's in Sociology, I moved from California to New York City for a Master of Social Work (MSW) program, and this is where my journey as a teacher began.

In 2012 I was working on education projects to reduce child labour in Asia. During my masters program I had the opportunity to intern at a law firm, in Beijing. I was working on comparative research to reduce child labour in factories. During my free time I was teaching English at a local school. Little did I know that teaching in Beijing was going to be the beginning of my passion for teaching children English. Teaching was lovely, but my heart was invested in child protection at the time.

After graduating from Columbia University with a MSW I got invited by the U.S Peace Corps to work on reducing child labour in the Philippines. For 27 months I got to work on advocacy, livelihoods, and education projects. After my projects ended, in 2015, I moved to Switzerland and the universe welcomed me back to teaching. I got my certification in Teaching English as an Additional Language and continuously participate in the science of reading trainings in order to deliver great quality lessons. I have been teaching in Zürich for 9 years and love teaching ages 4-10 because one can really see the impact that education can have on a child and how I, as their teacher, can impact the eagerness to want to learn based on my lesson delivery. I have had the privilege of combining social work and teaching which makes my lesson delivery unique in that the child’s learning is being nurtured holistically (personal, social, emotional, and cognitive development) together with the parents. 
Playing is Learning
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Playing is Learning
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